Paradiso Children's Home, Arusha Tanzania  


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Volunteers at Paradiso

This website was created by Clare Murphy and Melissa Vyvey Ramin. As medical students we had the great privilege of being able to spend some time with the children at Paradiso. We are now qualified doctors in UK and Canada.

We were in Tanzania on our medical school electives when Layla Bell and Liz Gomersall, friends and fellow medical students introduced us to Paradiso. Until now, Paradiso has not been known outside of its own community which struggles to support it - even within Arusha town. However, when you meet the children of Paradiso they are absolutely unforgettable.

We hope that they will touch your hearts as they have touched ours and in so doing their horizons and community may be broadened.

Students who are in Arusha and working in the local hospitals are continuing to visit the children regularly. They will keep us updated with the latest news from Paradiso.