Paradiso Children's Home, Arusha Tanzania  


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Fiona Henderson

One of the original volunteers, Fiona Henderson, has returned to Arusha! She has taken time out of working in Edinburgh, and is living in Arusha, and visiting the children everyday. Fiona has raised a lot of money, and continues to do so while she is in Tanzania. This money will go towards finishing the house, buying clothes, toys and food and currently she is working on painting and finishing the bathrooms.

Fiona is on facebook, and will be updating her progress on the Paradiso Facebook Group. 

Good luck Fiona!

March 21 2012


New House!

 The family are moved in, and although there is still a lot of work to be done, such as bathrooms, painting, wiring, and a wall/fence, this is a great step for the family.

This couldn't have been done without your support, thank you all. Please continue to raise awareness, money and support for this family, every little penny counts!

March 7th 2012

The family have moved into the new house. A safer, cleaner, more spacious environment for these children to grow, learn and be cared for in. Please continue to support us.

The wiring is not yet finished, nor the painting or the outside wall. However, there is PLENTY of clean water! THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!

If anyone has raised any more money for the children, please get in touch and I will help you arrange the transfer of funds.


August 2011

We need to build a fence...can you help us raise the money?


Plans, July 2011

As you can see, the house, and the children, are looking well! We are excited that the building is complete. The final stage is doors, windows, bathrooms and of course painting and furniture. Please help us raise the money for the family.

Get in touch at if you would like to fundraise or donate.

The family would like in by Sept/October, lets help them reach this goal!






New House, July 2011

The building is coming along really well now, thanks to the donations and hard work of the Westover family. This completes stage 3, with all walls and the roof now finished.

Keisha, Arryl, Chayne, and Rachelle are pictured here with Babu and his son. They have been raising money with the rest of their family. Their story can be found at






New House

Building is going really well at the new house, and they now have a roof! This is really exciting news and a large part of the donations has come from the Westover family. Please visit their website (link on fundraising page) to follow their story.

Pictures to follow soon...





We now have a Facebook group! Search for Paradiso Children's Home and become a member to follow the recent updates. 



 Pictures of the New House


Building is well under way for Paradiso's new home! Please continue to support the family so we can help them finish the building and get moved in! These pictures were taken early 2011.






New House

The dreams of Babu and Bibi are finally coming true, and foundations of the new house are being put down. Lets help them complete the house by raising more money!

We hope to get pictures of the building process up soon.






Donation to Paradiso

Thanks to the kind assisstance of Baptista, we have recently transferred a large sum of money over to Paradiso. This money will enable the family to work towards a new house of their own with more space! Thanks to all of you involved in the fundraising.

See some photos below of Babu receiving the donation.

We have now closed the UK bank account, but donations are possible, please email us and we will let you know the details.






Sarah visits Paradiso

Sarah recently sent us these photos of her time in Tanzania. She really enjoyed her time there and raised money for the home by completing the Great North Run.






Summer 2009

Zane spent a lot of time with the children while she was in Arusha and plans to raise money for the home in the new year....good luck Zane!

Here are some photos of her time.

Rachel had a great time hanging out with the kids and helping out around the orphanage. She sent us these pictures...look how big the children are getting!!







February 2008

Kate, Brad and Amy visited Paradiso and brought some toys donated by Hamleys, London as well as some colouring books which the children all really enjoyed.

Here are some pictures of their time with the children.