Paradiso Children's Home, Arusha Tanzania  


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Sadly we are no longer involved with this family. If you require contact details please email.
This website will be closed from Feb 2013. Many thanks to all those who have donated time, money and love to this family and supported us on this journey.


Welcome to the Paradiso Website.

This is a place where you can learn about this special children's home and you can receive updates on Paradiso.

 Paradiso Children's Home

Paradiso is the joyous home of thirteen orphaned children. They are lovingly cared for by two elders in their community, who are widely referred to as Bibi and Babu (grandmother and grandfather in Kiswahili).

Paradiso began when Christofer C. Kaaya, Babu, felt moved to action by the realisation that many of the children in his community had been orphaned. At a time when he should have been settling in for retirement, he began appealing to friends and community leaders to donate time, rent, and food to the children's home he envisioned.

With 120,000 Tanzanian shillings in donations (about US$95) in March 2005, Christopher and his wife Grace took in their first child. Now many have all been welcomed into their home which had already raised ten of their own biological children. They are all aged between three year and eleven years (2010)

Paradiso currently runs on small donations from its surrounding, impoverished, community. In order to ensure security and stability for these children as they grow, more diverse and sustainable ways of funding will be required. The long-term goal of Paradiso is to ensure that each child finishes secondary or vocational schooling, giving them the opportunity for good employment.